Charlotte multi-units concept WINESTORE® expands and confirms collaboration with Enomatic®

Atlanta, GA – We are proud to announce the opening of the 3rd store from the Charlotte-based company WINESTORE HOLDING LLC ( Created and developed since 2006 by Matthew Hartley, Winestore Holding LLC turned to Enomatic Wine Serving Systems as the technological ally for their wine store. Visionaries, Matthew Hartley and his team understood from the beginning that the addition of taste-before-you-buy capability in the store would make the difference. And they were right ! Winestore’s 3 locations have become a Charlotte’s must-go destination for a innovative wine experience and hand-picked wine selection.

Each one of the stores features 24 bottles to sample in the Enomatic systems consisting of 1 Enoround ( 16 bottle of red wines) and 1 Enoline Refrigerated ( 8 bottle of white wines). Winestore® is one of the very first companies to fully use the multi-store capability developed by Enomatic to allow Hartley and his team to run multiple locations with centralized data, and wine cards that can be used in all locations by the customers.

Long time supporter of Enomatic, Matthew Hartley notes “ Enomatic has been vital to the success of our organization. Their team has worked with us almost since the day we founded and have been a partner in every sense of the word. Their support team is always available and they are able to come on site at a moments notice. Best of all, they are constantly working with us regarding new uses for the machines, new software available and new features for our customers. We look forward to further developing our relationship with them as we continue to expand “