Wine Serving & Beverage Solutions

Discover the best tasting experience with Neodistributing

Enomatic® is the world leader in wine dispenser & preservation systems. Its technology keeps wine from being altered for over 30+days, offers precise pouring and temperature control.

Our self-serve option gives your guests the best experience by allowing them to serve themselves directly from the dispensers with smart cards (pre-paid, open tab...)

Discover Unica by Enomatic®

The most advanced wine dispenser!

Unica is the new revolutionary wine dispenser by Enomatic®. Years of refinement and expertise to create the most advanced wine serving system for today's world.
Available in 4-Bottle or 8-Bottle, its new modular construction let your imagination take control by allowing to create different shapes thanks to our corner kits.
The new glass protected 7" TFT color touchscreens bring a clean design with a new level of details and interactions. This new user interface shows how to operate the system and brings the opportunity to add information about wines.
Redesigned door opening system with new gas struts makes it easy and safe to access your bottles. New gas spring lifts let you insert and remove them with a simple push, insuring you a quick operation at anytime with no compromise.
All of these amazing new features and our famous refined Italian design make UNICA a true renaissance in the world of wine dispensers.

Kessick Custom Wine Cellar Storage Systems designs and manufactures exceptional quality wine cabinetry and wine racking.

Kessick is a wholesale supplier to the custom wine cellar professional, hospitality industry, design community, and the building trades. Our objective is to combine aesthetics, function, and sound building science to create the perfect wine storage environment for your client.

Cocktails Machine offers a tailor-made solution for Bars, Hotels and Restaurants which provides high-quality Cocktails and Mocktails thanks to its automated dispensing solutions.

Simple and intuitive interface with guided and clear steps means that no training and no additional staff is required to serve perfect Cocktails.