Wine & Cocktails Dispensers

How can our Wine & Cocktails Dispensers help you?

Eliminate Waste

Make more profit with our Enomatic® Wine Dispenser & Cocktails Machine Dispenser by eliminating loss from spoilage, overpouring and theft (average loss of 20% in the industry)!

Increase Sales

Enomatic® Wine Dispenser & Cocktails Machine Dispenser will help you improve significantly your wine & cocktails sales by attracting customers, selling your wines-by-the-glass and promoting your finest bottles!

Customer Experience

Our Enomatic® Wine Dispenser & Cocktails Machine Dispenser are your best allies to always be on top of customer experience by always offering the best wine & cocktails, as well as interaction with the dispenser!

Our wine solutions

Enomatic® is the world leader in wine dispenser & preservation systems. Its technology keeps wine from being altered for over 30+days, offers precise pouring and temperature control. Our self-serve option gives your guests the best experience by allowing them to serve themselves directly from the dispensers with smart cards (pre-paid, open tab...)

Our Cocktails dispensers

Cocktails Machine is an automatic measuring system that works with an integrated tablet featuring more than 75 pre-programmed cocktail recipes with the ability to add your own custom cocktails. Connect up to 15 bottles of liquor, juice, mix through separate lines and dispense the exact quantity of ingredient needed for each recipe.