Taste your Brandy out of Enomatic at Copper and Kings, Louisville KY

”LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Move over bourbon there’s a new spirit in town and you could consider it a side stop on the urban Bourbon Trail.

In just two weeks Copper and Kings will begin distilling its very first batch of American brandy at 1111 East Washington Street.

It’s clear Louisville is all about its bourbon. The recently opened Evan Williams Experience is booming downtown and it won’t  be long till Angel’s Envy, Michter’s and Beam will be here, too.

“I think there is enough bourbon in America,” said Copper and Kings owner Joe Heron. “There’s certainly enough bourbon in Kentucky and in Louisville and we are very interested in exploring market opportunities that exist in what we call vacant space.”

It’s another barrel aged spirit that’s going to demand some attention in the Derby City.

“We’re the first American brandy company distilling in Louisville and we are very proud to be here,” said Heron. “Whiskey is distilled beer, it’s made from grain. Brandy is always distilled from fruit from wine.”

Tucked between the Highlands and downtown Copper and Kings has the views to prove Butchertown is where its at.

“We think it’s the perfect place to get the bourbon drinker to explore something different every now and then,” said Heron.

A South African native, Heron and his wife moved to Louisville from Minnesota. They plan to make their distillery with a modern twist unlike any other. The tasting room will be on the roof with an art gallery on the third floor and a courtyard outside.

“We envision a progressive dinner where you can start in the basement for your pre-dinner drinks and have your dinner in the distillery and come upstairs for your third course and then go up and finish on the roof,” said Heron.

So late this spring Heron hopes the bourbon drinkers will take a break and a sip of a brand new brandy that’s coming to town.

“Everybody likes a little change every now and then,” said Heron.

Copper and Kings hope to have a private grand opening for Thunder Over Louisville on April 12 and host Derby events this spring.”